Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Moka Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Moka - Essay Example This is because pigs are everything to the tribe and the bigger the moka is, the more respect and status is earned. According to Ongka, pigs are everything as it keeps the tribe alive; moka can also be used to pay for troubles, debts and get a wife. The lack of pigs according to Ongka is sad as the individual who lacks pigs is referred to as being nobody and rubbish altogether in the tribe. The last significance of moka is that it is the only possible way to get a life, marry and get children, without moka then a man has nothing. Finally, moka is also used to impress other people and also as a way to do business. For example, Ongka wanted to give a hundred pigs as a system of investment and the investment would pay itself in several years time. Body decoration or adornment is prominent in the Kawelka tribe as it is their way of living and respecting their origins. Secondly they use body decoration during great achievements so as to celebrate special occasions. In the film, they celebrate moka by going to the tribe dressed in their traditional attire and decoration and call out Ongka so that they can hand to him the moka in form of a pig as a returned favor for his previous gifts. In addition to that, body decoration was worn to pay the last tribute to a fallen leader. In the film, when one of the elders passed on, they wore big green leaves and sang a sad song as part of their

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