Thursday, November 7, 2019

Essay on flyboys (James Bradley) essays

Essay on flyboys (James Bradley) essays Flyboys, a book written by James Bradley, is an epic tale written about a time of havoc and turmoil. In World War Two a new field of battle was opened to fight in-the air. Flyboys turns back in time to bring many historical events to life, such as the Sand Creek Massacre, Billy Mitchells sinking of the unsinkable, and the usage of napalm against Japan in WWII. Hailed as one of the greatest moments in American history , the Sand Creek Massacre was in fact a slaughter of over 150 Indian women and children, led by Minister John Chivington. Preacher John elated his tale of victory over the Indians (while the men were hunting) in the Denver Theater. The audience laughed at a pile of Indian penises which were hacked off as trophies. No citizen of Denver saw any wrong with the battle, and even appointed John Chivington to be the deputy sheriff. Billy Mitchell was the one man who pushed the most for the third dimension of battle to be opened. He argued that air battles could change the entire war, and he proved this by sinking the Ostfriesland. America had captured the German battleship that was unsinkable. The ship had struck a mine in WWI and had returned to port without being seriously damaged. Billy Mitchell was being set up for disaster as the test for him was to sink the Ostfriesland using his airplanes. Many Senators, Representatives, and naval experts watched in disbelief as Mitchells planes, carrying two-thousand pounds of explosives, flew towards the shore and dropped bombs. Twenty-one minutes into the test, the Ostfriesland disappeared beneath the water. This was the first true demonstration that airplanes could be a viable weapon to invest in for the future. Near the end of WWII napalm was starting to be used on the cities of Japan. The first napalm raid on Tokyo was sent from 2000 feet above Tokyo by 334 B-29s . The bombing of Tokyo had 8,51 ...

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